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Throw a Surprise Party without a Hitch

December 01, 2014

Anticipating an occasion within the next few months? Your grand mum and granddad’s golden anniversary perhaps? Or, your friend’s birthday? Is someone coming home for Christmas?

There’s no better way of celebrating with a bang than throwing a surprise party. The only problem though is that every preparation has to be kept a secret. Otherwise, it won’t be as surprising anymore.

So, how should the planning go about to ensure success? Here are some tips.

1. Decorating the venue

It wouldn’t be fun jumping out from the dark if the guest of honour already has an idea about the party. So, make sure the decorations aren’t too visible.

If you want to go all out, opt for lots of helium balloons and then let these cover the ceiling. Put the banner and some streamers far from the windows and door, so these aren’t seen from the outside. If you’re going to put up special lighting, the switch should be easily accessible to turn it on at the right moment.

A picture or hobby collage on the wall is also a wonderful decoration because it gives the venue a personal touch, something that represents the person’s individuality.

2. Choosing food and drinks

This is the best time to skip the rules on food pairing and other formal stuff on eating and drinking. When it comes to menu selection, the easiest thing to do is base the choices on the person’s favourites.

Do your grandparents love Mexican food? Does your friend go crazy over appetisers? Of course, take note that some people may have special requirements, so consider their preferences or dietary needs as well. The suggestion? Prepare healthy and comfort foods, so everyone has a fill.

And since you’ll be busy preparing food, don’t hassle yourself with the drinks. Instead of rushing off to the nearest liquor store and stocking up on different beverages, as well as ice, get a full-service mobile bar. This usually includes bar setup, drinks and friendly staff. All your guests have to do is enjoy their cocktail.

3. Picking the activities

Remember that it’s a celebration to make someone feel extra special. So, when it comes to the entertainment, go for ideas that’ll delight the person.

Want to play his or her favourite songs? Don’t just play these on the laptop or other media players. Play it using musical instruments. This is the perfect time to replace your old keyboard or drum kit. Shop around from an online guitar store to find a range of instruments other than a Fender or Gibson.

The greatest advantage about playing music for the guest of honour is that you can minimise the party’s cost, since you’ll take care of the entertainment.

4. Bringing the person to the venue

Acting nonchalant is, perhaps, the biggest difficulty of preparing a surprise party. While you can bring your friend or family member to the place, it’s best to let someone else do it. And enlist someone who’s quite blasé about the plan.

At the end of the day, nothing will keep your entire plan go smoothly than having a list of things to do and supplies to buy. So, create one and tick off each item once it has been taken care of. As a final tip, deal with bigger purchases first to let your budget go a long way. So, before buying decorations, check out instruments from an online guitar store and talk with service providers.


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