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Learning About the Basics of Alcohol Laws in the UK

December 18, 2012

With many crimes, accidents, and mischief being committed under the influence of intoxicating substances, it is not surprising that such beverages are closely regulated in many parts of the world. Now, when it comes to the UK, we do have our own set of rules regarding the consumption of beer, too. Read on to know about such a law.

Drinking at Home

When you are under 18 years old, it is not legal for you to drink beer whether you are at home or in a friend's house having a party.

Enjoying Alcohol in Public

While some towns have alcohol-free zones where not a single soul is allowed to sip wine, others deploy police forces that confiscate alcohol and move young individuals who are showing signs of tipsiness.

Drunk Driving

A large fine, prison sentence, or a driving ban awaits unfortunate citizens who have been behind the steering wheel while under the influence of alcohol. To determine if you are 'fit' to drive when hailed by the police, an officer will initially ask you to take a breathalyser test. Once it is proven that you are guilty of such civil disobedience, you will then be brought to a police station for further tests involving blood and urine.

Retailer Regulations

For added measure, British lawmakers also make entrepreneurs involved in the distribution of cider, beer, champagne, or any alcoholic beverages accountable for their actions. Thus, they too should refuse such intoxicating drinks to underage buyers as well as get the required license to sell liqueur.

With such strict rules being followed in the country, you definitely need to be aware of the law whenever you are organising any party that includes beer in its beverage menu.

Now, to stay on the safe side of the law as you bring in such mood-enhancing drinks for a particular festivity, you can trust that our company is fully licensed to distribute quality beverages to your event!


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