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Planning the Most Unforgettable 70s Party

May 05, 2014

We’ve a perfectly good idea why you want a 70s-themed birthday celebration. You have a thing for gangsters and want to experience being one even just for a night. Since it’s your birthday, you have the licence to put on a gangster fancy dress costume and just run with it.

Before you get caught up in all the excitement, know that there are other things you need to prepare to pull off an unforgettable 70s event.

  • The Guest List

Who do you wish to invite to join the revelry? Make sure to create a guest list in advance so you can have the invitations made and then distributed as soon as possible. Give your guests enough time to prepare for the party. Remember, some of them may still need to clear their schedules, while others still have to start hunting for the appropriate gangster fancy dress to wear.

Take note of everyone who sent their RSVP and then use the list as a guide when searching for a venue.

  • The Party Location

Are you planning to host the celebration at your house or somewhere else? To save on rent, why not hold the event at your backyard and just hire a stylish mobile bar? You can opt for a nifty package called pay as you go. As the name suggests, your guests order drinks from the bar and then pay as they go. However, if you want to shoulder all the expenses, you can always opt for a free bar.

  • The Entertainment

Since everyone’s already dressed as gangsters, go crazy with the décor and the entertainment. Choose music that is in keeping with the theme and throw in some dancers to perform the 70s moves. Don’t forget to provide props and organise programmes that real gangsters will love. Nothing dangerous or illegal, of course.

Lastly, you shouldn’t forget the star of the night — food. Okay, the other star of the night. Since the drinks are already provided by a mobile bar, make sure that the menu you serve is just as good as the beverage.


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