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Life’s a Party by the Beach, with Sunshine and Sand

February 17, 2015

And while it doesn’t really require that much planning - a beach party can be impromptu: pack food and drinks, wear light clothes, lather on sunscreen - being prepared ensures that you have a whale of a time.

With that said, take note of these easy steps.

1. Pick a venue

So, which beach? If you prefer somewhere without the usual big crowd, carry out a bit of research to know where to go. If you don’t mind partying somewhere with lots of people, your favourite beach will do.

As a note though, make sure that the place has a safe area for things that need to stay dry. Portable music player and speakers perhaps? How about other gadgets?

2. Set the date and time

When and what time? If you want all the guests to show up, plan it on a weekend. And the perfect time is 4pm or beyond, when the sun starts to set. And when it gets dark, everyone can gather around a bonfire.

3. Plan the setup

How will the venue look? Go beyond big umbrellas, tables and chairs. Why not consider a beachfront gazebo or villa as well. You can hang fairy lights to add an intimate ambience in the evening. Then, hang banners, streamers and balloons.

As a tip, check out party supplies in various themes to find something that’ll fit your event. How about Olaf finally experiencing a summer party? How about the usual Hawaiian luau? Choosing from a wide selection of decorations and other stuff guarantees there’s a perfect theme for your party.

4. Select the menu

Which games, food and drinks? There’s no doubt about it, cold beverages and finger foods are preferable. No one would want to party with sauce dripping on their chin or hands.

So, prepare grilled meat and vegetables. Make a dip for sliced fresh fruits and veggies. Crisps are not messy, but they’re packed with sodium and calories. And too much salt can lead to fluid retention. Ensure that everyone is happy and contented with the right menu. As a tip, send out a survey so you’ll know what the guests would like to be included in the menu.

And since you’ll need to plan and prepare a lot of things, leave at least one aspect of the preparations to experts. Let our team provide you with a fully serviced bar. We’ll help you provide the guests and you won’t have to worry about bringing glasses or running short of beverages.

Of course, don’t forget to bring paper or plastic plates, spoons and forks. Shop around for party supplies and other needs a few days before the event.

5. Decide on activities

Which games? This isn’t too difficult to plan. Just bring an inflatable ball and everyone can play volleyball. But if you want something specific, go ahead and prepare a few activities. Here are some beach games to add more fun and entertainment.

What do you think? Ready to enjoy with family and friends? Take note of these steps and your party will go along smoothly.


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