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What Are the Makings of a Beautiful Outdoor Wedding? We Reveal Some Tricks

November 11, 2014

The mere mention of the word “wedding” is enough to make you swoon—and why not? You dreamed about this day all your life and you even have most of the details figured out, for instance, walking down the aisle at lauriston house unique wedding venues sydney, even before you found the man to spend the rest of your life with, so it's absolutely understandable that you're so excited to finally wed soon.

From the get-go, you knew you wanted to have an outdoor wedding. You love nature and you don't want nothing else than to exchange vows while surrounded by it. So, how can you make that happen? We have some tricks just for you:

Pick a spot that speaks most to you.

A hotel garden may be the popular choice among couples who want an outdoor wedding, but you don't really need to follow suit. In fact, if you want to make your wedding extra special, it's best to pick a spot that speaks most to you and your partner. For instance, some brides would choose to have their ceremony in their backyard since it holds fond memories of them growing up. The options are endless, really. Just make sure to start scouting for locations early so you'll have enough time to compare and decide.

Get your backup plan ready.

Many things may go wrong during a wedding (whether held outdoors or indoors), but your greatest concern would surely be the weather. You don't want a torrential downpour on while you're decked in that lovely gown, after all. To make sure that your big day will go smoothly—rain or not—it's best to have a backup plan ready months before your wedding. If your venue has an indoor area, try to come up with a layout, should you need to hold the ceremony or reception there. If, on the other hand, you're doing it in an open area and the sight of a plastic tent doesn't seem to impress you, you can actually use a marquee, yurt or kata, all of which can provide cover from the rain in a fashionable manner. This way, your wedding photography experts from Sydney can still capture stunning photos of your big day even when its raining outside.

Spice up your cocktail hour.

Most outdoor weddings these days have a cocktail hour because it gives guests the opportunity to interact with each other while suppliers prepare the reception venue. Now, if you choose to have one at your wedding, make sure to spice things up by going for unique options like a mobile bar that you can also use during the reception, a juice station for those who don't drink alcohol and even some food carts.

Since the outdoors provide the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos, don't forget to hire a wedding photography company in Sydney to capture the sweetest moments on your big day.

Now, you're all set to plan the outdoor wedding of your dreams!


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