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Top 4 Aspects That Shouldn't Be Forgotten When Organising a Corporate Event

January 21, 2014

Planning a corporate event is fun yet tedious, with all the important things that must be met on schedule. And with the number of tasks involved, it is likely that you'll forget a thing or two. Dismiss this incident by looking into various aspects when organising a company celebration.


Finding a good venue suitable for the number of guests as well as the formality of the gathering may take some time. Plus, you need to book ahead to reserve the place. For this reason, you need to focus on this first. It is also important to hire other services to make your event more enticing and unforgettable for everyone. Mini marquees are always a perfect addition to any business functions. You can even get a mini promotional marquee that is inflatable for a quick and easy set-up.

Food and Drinks

The types of food and drinks you serve depend on the event you are hosting. If it is a formal awards night, you may go for a full-course menu, with appetizers for starters and deserts that please the palate. For a casual night out with the team, finger foods and light dinner will do. Whatever it is, delight your attendees with an array of delectable dishes from which to choose. You can enhance their experience by hiring a mobile bar to give them a stylish treat on drinks.


What a mess would it probably be if you forget to send an invitation to the CEO! Make plans so this won't happen to you. Jot down all the names of the guests and make a copy to place somewhere in your office or home to serve as a backup in case you lose the other one. When it comes to business invites, the need for professionalism should still be there. However, there are instances that require fun corporate invitations, such as Christmas parties.


Come up with a unique theme to achieve unity and organisation on your event. Ensure that all the guests know about this by either including the information on their invitations or telling them personally about it. Having a consultation about team building activities for adults by Hidden Door, can help develop a productive theme for a corporate party.

With all these information laid down before you about mobile bars, themes, invitations and mini marquees, planning a corporate event may be a cinch.


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