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Tips on Making Your Company’s Christmas Party More Fun and Memorable

December 17, 2014

As Christmas approaches, excitement is also building up amongst your staff about the fun they’re going to have during the party. With this in mind, you should ensure they’ll have a blast during that evening, whether you hold it at a private setting or a rented venue, such as Norfolk Island restaurants. Here are some tips you should take note:

Choose the right venue.

Pick a place that offers a variety of menu for your food and drinks. Do most of your people hate seafood? Don’t worry because they’ll have sliders on the other side of the room. Do you have some vegans with you? You can lead them to meat-free entrees. If many of your guests want to taste different flavours of drink, you can hire our mobile bar service. Whatever venue you choose—Norfolk Island restaurants, private settings, etc.—it’s important to make sure your guests will leave overly satisfied with the menu.

Plan ahead.

Think about where your employees are coming from and what their travel to the venue would likely be. Do you have a lot of people from out of town? You can take care of the travel expenses to encourage all of them to attend the party.

Pick the right theme.

After gathering some suggestions, pick the right theme and try to incorporate it to all activities throughout the night. Couple’s Costume, Christmas in July, Masquerade, High School Prom, Cycling Jerseys, Old School—these themes often leave room for fun activities. And whatever your choice is, it gives your employees the chance to forget about business attire and show off their creativity.

If you wanted, you could make the Christmas party a sort of festive team building event. You can find team building activities for adults at www.hiddendoor.com.au, who will be able to give you some great ideas.

Find a way to document the event.

Photography, videography, photo booths—these are just some of the many ways you can document your event. By taking them, your people can look back and remember their favourite moments during that evening. Just make sure you hire professionals for this task for best results.

Spearhead an after-party.

Even if you assume that everyone will head back to their homes or hotel rooms and go to bed after the party, you should still organise an after-party. You can do it simply by sending out a survey to know what most of them are planning to do and use the information to make the night more memorable. A party bus to a downtown pub or a meet-up at a late-night spot can be a fun way to wrap it up. There, you can continue to socialise and avoid ending the party while the night is still young.

With these tips and proper communication between organisers, you can have the most memorable company Christmas party to date. Enjoy!


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