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Mobile bars that come to you

November 05, 2015

Organising a party or special event can be fraught with problems. Knowing who to invite, which type of food to provide and what kind of drinks to serve guests can often be quite a headache. Thankfully there are companies that advertise mobile bars via the net. A mobile bar is brought to your home or chosen venue so you don’t have to worry about drinks. There are also online corporate caterers in Melbourne who are experienced in providing delicious food for private functions as well as weddings, christenings or cocktail parties.

You can join in the fun by enlisting the help of professional caterers and mobile bar companies that provide either a full service or just a bar service. A full service comprises:-

  • Supplying and setting up the bar
  • Supplying all of the drinks and staff
  • Giving you a good idea of how many drinks to order depending on the number of guests

A bar service only means that the bar will be supplied while you stock it with drinks yourself. Sounds like a good idea.

What’s included in the price

All glassware and staff are included in the overall price along with a deposit which is refunded after the agreed amount of cash has been taken. Bar staff can apply, on your behalf, for a temporary events notice from the local council. You’ll need to give three week’s notice. This licence is only required if the bar is a paying bar, something like a pub.

Make a birthday, Christmas celebration, anniversary or engagement party go with a swing by organising dedicated caterers as well as a mobile bar where the following drinks can be served:-

- Draught beers, cider, real ale

- Champagne and cocktails

- Spirits like gin, vodka, Bacardi, brandy, whiskey, rum or Martini

- Alcopops

- Soft drinks such as tomato juice, bitter lemon, tonic, orange juice and cordials

How about your favourite white, red or rose wine? Just let the mobile bar staff know your preferences.

Get in touch sooner rather than later

It’s advisable to get in touch with online mobile bar providers sooner rather than later, in good time for the event. This can be done either by telephone or email. Alternatively there’s an online form you can complete with your:-

  1. Name
  2. Email address
  3. Type of celebration
  4. Number of guests
  5. Event date and time
  6. The venue
  7. Whether there’s access to power points

Read the many testimonials

To get a good idea of what previous clients think about corporate caterers and mobile bar suppliers, read the many online testimonials. They will give you an idea of what corporate caterers in Melbourne offer along with the great service mobile bar suppliers provide. Tokens can be supplied to each guest for their drinks throughout the evening which can be exchanged for beers, cocktails, wine or soft drinks.

Enjoy a hassle-free occasion when hiring a mobile bar and catering staff who are sure to please everyone present.


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