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Four Food Selection Tips When Organising an Event

July 01, 2015

Many aspects come into play when planning an event. Whether you're putting together a lavish wedding or an employee mixer, you'll have to consider the venue, theme and food.

Ah...food. It takes a big chunk of the event budget, but is definitely something you can't do without. Hungry guests are grumpy ones. Since you want everyone to be in a celebratory mood, you'd better have enough grub.

In this article, we'll be sharing some useful tips on selecting items for the food menu that's palate pleasing and appropriate for the occasion.

Check the Guest List

You can't expect all the attendees to have similar preferences. When choosing what dishes to serve, think about your guest profile. Consider demographics, professional level and ethnicity.

Do you belong to an industry where conferences are held regularly? Then you should plan a unique menu. Aim to serve high quality food with great presentation. Ask your caterer to use the freshest ingredients. If you're hosting a party in Berkshire, check out the options offered by www.kingcatch.com, a reliable supplier of fresh seafood. But if you're the one preparing the menu, make sure your kitchen tools are in good condition to do things efficiently. For blunt knives, use the professional knife sharpener at www.totalknifecare.com.au.

If you're thinking of giving away personalised wines and other beverages as an event souvenir, don't forget to add your company logo for better brand retention. For bottle screw cap, visit www.interpack.net.au and learn how you can have your bottle covers customised.

Go Local

If possible, avoid using frozen food products. Instead, opt for locally grown vegetables and seasonal fruits. Doing so doesn't just allow you to help farmers and support local businesses. Try some smoked fish from Twickenham , local and delicious. Your entrées and main courses will pack in more flavour too.

If you're holding an event in Australia and looking for cupcakes in Sydney, visit www.vanillacupcakery.com.au to know the range of gourmet options available to you.

Provide Options

They key to pleasing your guests, food-wise, is variety. Having a great selection of appetisers ensures that each person has a tasty treat to munch on, regardless of dietary concerns, while they are enjoying music and entertainment performance from Tribute Acts.

Be Appropriate

As mentioned earlier, it's important to serve food that fits the gathering. You don't serve wine and fillet mignon at the weekly movie night with pals. Such an intimate and casual event calls for takeaway favourites like Raiseys Original hydration drinks and pizza.

These days, it's easy to find sites that offer information about popular pizza chains. Are you a fan of Pizza Hut's deep-dish specials? Check out pizzahut-me.com and scroll through the details of their takeaway menu.

Finally, you'll need something to cleanse the palate in between courses. Allow guests to fully enjoy all those gastronomic delights by having some wine or a bottle of bubbly. If the party is expected to last till the wee hours, serve up a slew of yummy concoctions laced with alcohol. With a mobile bar hire, you can take the stress out of beverage and liquor preparation.


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