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Pulling Off a Flirty Casual Outfit

December 18, 2012

When you meet up with your friends, what do you usually do together? Do you:

A.) have dinner at your favourite restaurant?

B.) hang out in your place?

C.) dance the night away?

If your answer is letter C, then you are not the only one that enjoys this pastime. If you are lucky, you might even meet some handsome blokes on one of these outings. If this is one of your agendas whenever you party, then you understand the importance of attracting their attention. You could pull off all sorts of crazy antics, but one of the effective ways of catching the eye of one of these hunks is to don a sexy and sultry outfit.

To start with, if you have long and toned legs, the best way you can show them off is to wear a mini-skirt or a short dress. Complete the look with a pair of slender stilettos. If you are not comfortable boasting your calves and thighs, skinny leather or denim pants would suffice.

As for your top, it is important to consider your bust. If you are a little top heavy, then it would not do to wear a tight or small shirt or tee. Instead, wear something a little loose so that you still leave some to the imagination. If you really want to wear a tight-fitting shirt, at least cover it up with a loose jacket or blazer.

Last, but not the least, complete your attire with right accessories. You can accentuate your waist line with the help of a wide belt. As long as you dress right, you can look flirty without looking indecent.

It can get tiring hopping from one club to another. If you prefer to have the party at your place, you could hire a mobile disco bar. The good thing about this set-up is you could serve your guests with their favourite drinks.


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