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Enjoying an Organisational Event with Camping Outdoors

July 21, 2014

Your organisation is yet celebrating another year of charity work, friendship and service. What better way to do it but with an outdoor adventure with the group? And with summer fast approaching, you can go for a long drive to your very first caravan camping away from the city.

Here are the answers to questions on how to have a memorable weekend with your colleagues and co-members:

What if some members are not comfortable without bathrooms?

Not all people like the idea of not being able to shower for a day or not have the comforts of a bathroom or loo. But even if some of your friends are hesitant, you can persuade them by choosing camping destinations such as national parks where there are shower houses for campers. There are even campsites with electricity and it's just a matter of researching and picking one that is amenable to all.

Where willthe big group sleep?

Since you will be going on a summer adventure exploring nature, you can rent camper trailers and divide yourselves in groups so everybody will have a place to rest for the night. What's nice about camping out is that you get to experience nature and be away from the bustling sounds in the city. Moreover, camper trailers today are equipped with fans, a small refrigerator, and electrical devices for a comfortable trip. And if you are bringing cars or caravan, these trailers can easily be attached to and towed by your vehicles.

How can the celebration be a blast?

One great way to be away from the city without totally leaving away the fun and pace of city life is to hire a mobile bar so you can enjoy great food and drinks to celebrate your organisation's anniversary. No need to worry of not having draught, cocktail, or fast can bars because they got it covered. And for the other nights, you can create a bonfire in the camping site and enjoy different camping games and activities such as hiring bicycles and cycling jerseys and having team races or going for a group bike ride which is something that every one can participate in.

A camping trip always offers new experiences especially for first-timers. Not only will it be much cheaper as opposed to celebrating your event in a luxurious hotel, it also gives you more chance to mingle and interact with your group and build a stronger bond among yourselves.


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