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Celebrating Your Birthday Party on an Adventure Trip

December 18, 2012

Is your birthday coming up? Do you want to have a celebration that you will remember for years? Well now you can with the help of the following guidelines on how to have an unforgettable birthday party overseas:

  • WHO

Find out who you will be bringing on your overseas party so you will have time to invite them and let them fix their schedules. This will also give you an idea how many flights you should book and how much you should spend for the airfare, especially if you will be spending for the transportation of your guests too.

  • WHAT

Yes, it is a birthday party held abroad, but what is it exactly? Is it going to be a formal gathering at a restaurant? Is it going to be a casual dinner at a small pub? Or is it going to be a mobile party complete with a liquor bar? Determine what you want for your celebration and indicate this on the invitation. This way, guests will know what they need to bring for clothes and gifts.


Decide on your travel destination at least three months before your big day so you will have enough time to book flights, hotels, tour packages, and mobile bars for hire. If you are having difficulty choosing a place, decide first what kind of mobile party you want to have and what kind of adventures you want to experience. For example, if rock climbing or hiking is your aim, you can head over to South Wales where there are scenic mountain landscapes you can explore all you want. It is also worth looking into library hotel koh samui if you are traveling in Thailand for a fantastic accommodation. For an all-inclusive experience, bantita pool villas samui might be the resort for you! For an unique contemporary atmosphere, adlib design boutique hotel sukhumvit is the place to stay.

  • HOW
  • Aside from sipping cocktails from a mobile bar, there are also tons of things you can do to make sure that you and your guests enjoy your trip. Depending on your destination, you can go touring different historical landmarks, enjoying different water activities like jet skiing and scuba diving, or even doing the extremes like hang gliding, river rafting, and rock climbing.

    See, celebrating your natal day can be a breeze and a blast. Enjoy!


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