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4 Mistakes People Make When Planning a Party (and How to Avoid Them)

April 06, 2015

Going to a party can be fun and exciting, but hosting one yourself can be a tough and challenging experience. Even if you're organising a relatively simple event (e.g., your child's birthday celebration or your 20th wedding anniversary party), you can still end up making mistakes that can make the gathering less enjoyable or perhaps even completely ruin it. Some of these blunders include:

Failing to set a budget

You have to admit it: planning an event isn't exactly cheap since you'll have to tackle numerous expenses. For one thing, you'll need to hire party supplies and equipment in Perth (or wherever you're located) to have enough chairs, tables, glassware, tableware and dance floors for your gathering. You also have to get the services of a catering company or (if you'll go the DIY route) buy ingredients for the dishes and desserts you'll prepare. Of course, you'll need to shop for invitation cards and purchase balloons, streamers and other decorations for your venue.

With these expenses in mind, you have to sort through your finances as early as possible. Do your research and find out how much you'll spend to put your event together. Once you have an estimate, compare it with the cash you have on hand; if your money isn't enough to cover everything, find ways to cut your costs and/or raise more funds.

Forgetting to serve alcohol (and non-alcoholic options)

It's easy to focus too much on food and forget the drinks, which can be a huge mistake since your guests would definitely expect to have something that will quench their thirst. So, days before your event, make sure to get your hands on alcoholic beverages. They're not really a requirement, but they can greatly help in breaking the ice, making your guests feel comfortable and get the party atmosphere going. Of course, don't forget to serve non-alcoholic alternatives like fruit juices, fizzy drinks and virgin cocktails to accommodate teetotal friends and family.

Don't worry since serving delicious drinks can be easy when you hire a mobile bar. If you live in Bristol, for example, just get in touch with us here at Starfish. We supply chic, stylish and specially designed bars that can be easily transported to the venue of your choice. We offer several bar hire packages (so you can choose one that best fits your budget), and we serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to cater to all of your guests. By getting our help, you can provide your loved ones with refreshing beverages without a lot of fuss.

Not paying attention to entertainment

If you don't want to be branded as The Host Who Bored Guests to Tears, find ways to keep friends and family members amused during your party. This way, you can make your event more fun, exciting and memorable and ensure everyone will have a fantastic experience. As an added bonus, you'll have plenty of time to prepare parlour games, set up the food and drinks table and do other tasks.

There are plenty of options to choose from nowadays, so the only step you should take is to pick those that will appeal to your guests. If you're organising your child's birthday party, for example, you might want to hire professional clowns, magicians and face painters who'll keep the kiddies engaged. You can also buy a couple of high-quality jumping castles from Sydney and set these up in your garden. With these inflatable structures, your child and his friends can zoom down slides, play in ball pits, hop around bouncy jumping areas and do other exciting activities that will let them enjoy the day.

Thinking Plan B's aren't necessary

You never really know what can happen on your event. So, instead of just crossing your fingers and hoping for the best, take some steps to prepare for any emergencies that might occur during your party. If you're hosting an outdoor celebration, for example, make sure to hire a marquee in Sydney. This way, you can provide your guests with warm, comfortable shelter in case it rains and protect everyone from the heat if the sun becomes too unbearable.

Stay away from these mistakes to have a fun, unforgettable and successful party!


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