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Want to Keep Your Staff Inspired? Explore These 3 Exciting Ideas

October 13, 2014

Many business owners know how important it is to inspire employees, but not all of them strive to encourage their team. Some neglect to do this because they're too busy and don't have enough time, while others feel they don't have the budget for it. Still others think that staff motivation is a rubbish concept or (at the very least) an unnecessary expense that only large corporations can afford.

But, if you're an entrepreneur, you have to realise that inspiring your people is something you should pay attention to. Yes, it requires some time, money and effort, but your hard work will be worth it once you start reaping positive results like more efficient staff, increased overall productivity and a more constructive company culture.

So what are you waiting for? Start encouraging your team by taking these steps:

Organise informal get-togethers

You and your employees interact during meetings and conferences, but do you speak with each other outside of work? If your answer is “No”, then you definitely have to plan simple but fun gatherings with your staff. Doing this is important so you can mingle with each other in a casual setting which, in turn, can help you develop better teamwork and build stronger relationships.

There's no need to fret since organising these events isn't difficult. If you're on a tight budget, for example, you can opt to have your get-together in your office to avoid venue hire fees. Ask some of your employees to decorate your space with ribbons, balloons, streamers and whatnot, and hire a caterer who'll provide you with mouthwatering dishes and desserts. Don't forget to call us here at Starfish. We offer stylish mobile bars and can transport one to your office. Depending on your budget, we can provide you with dry hire solutions (meaning we'll supply the equipment and you stock it by yourself) or go all the way and let you enjoy a fully stocked and staffed bar.

Provide interesting rewards

One of the best ways to inspire your staff is to reward them when they reach or exceed your goals. By taking this step, you'll show them that you appreciate all their hard work and won't hesitate to acknowledge the efforts of those who perform well. You'll also give them a reason to push themselves and go above and beyond at their jobs.

However, don't just give the cheapest reward you can find. If you want to fully encourage your employees, you need to offer prizes that they'll definitely appreciate. For instance, if you know most of your staff love travelling, you might offer to book group accommodation in Hunter Valley and take everyone on a trip to this famous wine region if they can reach their quota. This will definitely grab their attention and push them to do their best every day.

Don't worry since finding the right place to stay in the area isn't complicated. The only thing you should do is to get in touch with a company who specialises in group accommodation in Hunter Valley. With their help, you'll have access to luxurious holiday properties that have comfortable rooms, modern conveniences and other exciting features.

Provide exciting learning opportunities

You might not realise it, but many employees would love to have the chance to improve their knowledge and skills. After all, this would allow them to become more adept and productive workers who can bring new ideas and abilities to the table and help the company be closer to success. It would also boost their self-esteem since they'd know they can perform better and are now more valuable to the company.

So, to motivate your staff, don't hesitate to provide them with learning opportunities. Hire a professional who'll help your team develop their soft skills through workshops and seminars. Invite an industry expert who'll give an interesting talk and discuss about the latest updates in your sector. When you buy new software or hardware, don't forget to hold trainings to ensure your employees will learn how to properly use them and incorporate these equipment or programs in their day-to-day processes.

Take these steps and find out how they can help you develop a motivated and hard-working team!


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